Independent consulting

Kowboyz: Two kings as a starting hand in Hold'em poker. Generally one of the best hands to hold.

Kowboyz, founded in 2007, is the store-front for a one-man freelance business. My name is Jan Hendrik Mensen. With an academic background in Business Administration and more than seven years experience in (international) ERP and business process management projects I provide independent (SAP) consulting services with a focus on Supply Chain Management.

You will find this website to be professional looking. At the same time you will find little boilerplate. This characterizes the company and the way consulting services are offered: professional, intelligent, (attempts at) originality and not shy of bringing a touch of humour.

You will notice the spirit of enterprise, logistics and supply chain. This is for the love of business and the processes. Do not mistake this for business consulting only, as I bring a wealth of SAP application configuration experience to the table and references to back this up.

More and more companies choose to include independent, free-lance consultants next to their big-firm consultants in their ERP projects. Besides the significant financial gain, a diverse project team adds to the success of a project.

I invite you to get in touch for an open conversation and get your first impression of what Kowboyz is about.